Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church

Grace Alone.  Faith Alone. Scripture Alone.

Christ Our Savior Missionary League (COSML)

          The COSML formerly LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League) is an integrated auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Since its beginning in Chicago in 1942, Lutheran women have organized their time, talents, and treasures to affirm and nurture their relationship with Jesus Christ, and to participate in the mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all people. Today, thousands of women have chosen to become active members of this dynamic service organization. Women of all ages, including teenagers, participate in Missionary League groups.

        The Christ Our Savior Missionary League participates in a variety of community functions such as the annual Panama City Beach Tree Lighting Festival, provides outreach and mentorship to local school children, and has a multitude of exciting new projects that are being planned for the future. 

Community Outreach


          God has blessed each of us with many talents to be used in His name. 

Heart Pillows

          In 2001, church volunteers began making heart pillows for the cardiac patients at Bay Regional Medical Center.  Since then, over 5,000 patients have used these heart pillows to aid in their recovery process. The heart pillow provides support to the area of the chest that is healing following the surgery and reduces the amount of pain patients experience when coughing, moving, or taking deep breathes. These pillows quickly become recovering heart surgery patients most trusted companion aiding them in a speedy recovery. Following their recovery, patients often keep their pillows as a reminder of how far they have come and as an encouragement to continue living a healthy lifestyle.  We are always looking for more volunteers; ability to sew isn't necessary.